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Moonlight Madness
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Rules of the tournament
Particular rules list is submitted futher. Read the simplified rules list.
We have simplified the registration and processes of clan management for managers of teams, leaving only the most necessary. We carefully monitor the information you enter, so try to be accurate in data entry.
★ Upon registration of the clan on the website you must enter a valid name of a clan and it's clantag. Case-sensitive. After that, any changes will be impossible.
★ For solidity of your clan profile and convenience of communication with you, we recommend you to add a description, contact details and logo. Try to keep this information actual.
★ Players added to the profile of clan must match real accounts in the game. Their nick-names (case-sensitive), tags, and links must be valid. Players must have clantag of your team. Try to keep each player's race and league actual.
★ Access to accounts implemented with the keys. Administrators have full rights, moderators cannot edit information about your clan and apply to tournaments.
★ In order to restore access to your account when the key is lost, clan leader must contact one of the site administrators by the feedback form.
★ We host tournament in round Robin system (each to each) with the subsequent stage of the playoffs. Depending on the number of teams, clans are divided into one, two or four groups. In the playoffs they fall on the following principle:
1 group - 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5.
2 groups - A1 vs B4, A2 vs B3, A3 vs B2, A4 vs B1.
4 groups - A1 vs B2, C1 vs D2, B1 vs C2, D1 vs A2.
★ Teams in the standings are sorted by the number of points. In case of a tie - by the difference of won-lost sets. In case of a tie - by the number of wins. In case of equality - by lot. Points are awarded as follows: when the score was 3-0 or 3-1 - winner gets 3 points, the loser gets 0. With the 3-2 score the winner gets 2 points and the loser gets 1. In case of technical defeat team will be debited one point.
★ No level restrictions for players.
★ The time is specified by Central European Summer Time (CEST). All matches are assigned to 8 P.M. CEST by default.
★ Сurrent version of the game on the European server is used for the games.
★ Special mappool of the tournament is used for the games. Maps are assigned by the system in advance.
★ The match consists of five games on a pre-selected maps. The meeting continues until one of the teams gets three victories. On the first four maps teams has to set unique players, fifth game can be played by the unique player and already involved in one of the previous games.
★ The participation of players with the same nicknames in the lineup of one team is prohibited.
★ Players with nicknames with identical or similar shape symbols repeated more than four times in a row is not allowed to participate in games (for example, IIIIIIIII or AAAAAA).
★ Player only allowed to play the race that is listed in the lineup.
★ Lineups can be entered/changed at any time. In 15 minutes before the match they are opened for public view on the match page and changes become impossible.
★ If lineup is not filed until the specified start time of the match, team may receive a technical defeat. However, team can allow it's opponent to enter the lineup, in this case match will take place. If both teams have not submitted lineups before the match, the game will be transferred.
★ There is a special feature on the match page, using this you can ask the opponent to transfer the match. If opponent agrees, the match is rescheduled automatically.
★ For communication between the teams during the match, it is recommended to use a gaming channel that is specified in the description of the match.
★ The result of the match can be entered by any of the teams by prior arrangement. Entered result may be appealed by sending a notification via the feedback form. In the case of proven invalidity of the entered data, result of the match may be cancelled and the team who reported an incorrect result may be awarded a technical defeat.
★ In addition to players only streamers can participate in the match. Observers in the match are not prohibited, but it's undesirable and allowed only in the case of mutual non-objection.
★ The waiting period of each opponent is 10 minutes. If the player is not ready to start the game during this time, he was awarded a technical defeat and the next game played. If one of the teams are missing at least 2 players, it gets a technical defeat.
★ In case of interruption of the game in the first two minutes of playing time, the game can be started again. If the disconnected player will not be able to continue participating within 10 minutes, he can be replaced by any of the remaining list. If the disconnection happens after 2:00, the game is replayed from replay. If the participant isn't ready to continue for 10 minutes, his team gets defeated in this set.
We encourage everyone to be friendly and introduce the minimum number of restrictions, hoping for the sanity of participants.
★ Delaying matches, removing pauses, BM in chat rooms and in game is not prohibited. But players need to understand that it can't do them any honor. We won't necessarily ban for it, but it is likely that team can get a refuse to register for the next tournament. However, in is very hard cases we will consider in detail and, if necessary, to punish players and clans with the exception from the tournament or permanent blocking of your account on the website.
★ We are strongly against all sorts of cheating. If using third-party programs, that give you an advantage in the game, prompts for players or something like that, will be proved, we will be forced to penalize such unscrupulous participants. We must encourage team leaders to monitor their players.
★ If you suspect a player in cheating, we recommend you to write a report directly to Blizzard. With using maphack, account transfer to other players or other improper action he firstly violates the license agreement of the game.
★ In the case of participation of undeclared player in the match, his team will receive a technical defeat.
★ In the case of participation in the Junior championship match of a player, who is inappropriate for the level, the result of the match will be cancelled, and the team will receive a technical defeat.
Complaints, reports, notifications
We are transparent and open for dialogue with players and clans. With any questions or suggestions you can write to us using the feedback form.
★ The number of requests is not limited, but try to do it without fanaticism.
★ Text should be written in plain language with a detailed account of the essence of the message.
★ Complaints with abuse of the opponent and/or administration of the tournament may be rejected, in spite of their legitimacy.
★ Use our logos on the stream. Download: Logo1 Logo2
★ In order to add a stream to a common base, type in the relevant section of the site channel name and specify the type.
★ and is allowed
★ StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm should be selected on the stream. Otherwise the stream will not be available on the website.
★ When you add a stream for the match, it gets into a common list.
★ Stream free and open for everyone who posted links to their channels to match.
★ To remove your stream from the site, you should write to the administrators via the feedback form.
★ Stream section sorting in descending order by the number of viewers online. There will be the first three of these on the index page.
★ We ask streamers to be adequate in the process of broadcasting. Do not use obscenities and insults. Stream may be blocked on the site.
Paris, Berlin, Rome, Warsaw
Moscow, Kyev
Miami, New-York, Atlanta
Dallas, Houston, Mexico
Denver, Salt Lake city
Los Angeles, Hermosillo
Fairbanks, Anchorage